[Samba] wbinfo -u and -g work, getent passwd works, getent group DOES NOT WORK (solution!)

Jason A. Nunnelley jason at jasonn.com
Sun Aug 3 20:15:26 GMT 2008

> I found the problem.  I had winbind running on the PDC.


In the BSD port, winbind is built into the startup script by default. 
So, it takes some hacking to remove it.

For that reason, and because I've only one domain, I leave it running. 
But, I'm fairly sure winbind serves a useful purpose on most any network 
IF configured correctly.  I'm not sure "turn off winbind on your 
server," is always good advice.

What I wonder is why does winbind cause you trouble?  Is it possible you 
set it as master or preferred master in smb.conf and it's not allowing 
the clients to see the other broadcasts on the network?

> So.  In conclusion, winbind on server BAD, winbind on client GOOD.

I still don't understand why winbind is always a bad feature on a 
server.  I think it's more likely winbind is tricky and deserves correct 
configuration.  If you just want to skip that hassle, I can see turning 
off winbind as a hackaround, but don't think it's necessarily a plan.


Jason A. Nunnelley
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