[Samba] can I remove all printer functions by simply add some build option?

=?GB2312?B?tsXVuQ==?= zdu.shanghai at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 10:04:59 GMT 2008

     I'm trying to transplant samba 3.2 to my mips board. I did it but smbd
is too big, about 8MB, I decided to reduce the code size. I just want the
file share/display funcs between my box and windows PC. The first function I
want to drop is network printer. So is there a specific option to drop all
printer code?  It seems to take quite a lot of time to let me comment out
things I don't need.
     BTW, any suggestions to lose the code size according to my feature
reqirement is welcome. I tried "-Os" and strip things, it seems the smallest
binary size is 6.4MB, I still can't afford it...


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