[Samba] Maxtor NAS share problem

Alex Harrington alex at longhill.org.uk
Tue Apr 29 06:57:15 GMT 2008

>> I was talking about saving the Linux filesystem info. Do your rsync
>> the NAS, then do a recursive getfacl,  redirecting the output to a 
>> file on the NAS.
>> When you do an rsync back from the NAS, correct the owner/perms with 
>> setfacl.
> Trouble is that I CAN'T do my rsync to the NAS drive because it
> give me the access privileges I need to write to the NAS. The rsync
> wants to change owner and the NAS won't let it do that.

There are switches to modify that behaviour - -p, -o, -t, -g - and there
are aliases (eg -a)that switch combinations of those on or off.

What's the exact command line you're using to rsync?

Something like rsync -r /source/ /destination should work, regardless of
the permissions, because rsync will write everything as whoever you're
logged on as (or whoever the NAS translates that to be).

As previously suggested you can then do a recursive getfacl over /source
and write the output to /destination. That will create a text file with
all your permissions etc included in it so they can be restored by
setfacl if required.


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