[Samba] Strange behaviour of winbind on solaris 8

Scott Lovenberg scott.lovenberg at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 10:18:42 GMT 2008

Oliver Weinmann wrote:
> Dear All,
> I came across a really strange behaviour when using winbind on solaris 8.
> Normally "nscd" should be turned off because it's causing problems in the
> username resolution etc. When I turn it off I can login e.g. using ssh as an
> AD users but when i start a command like "ls" it gets put in the background
> immediately? When "nscd" is turn on and login again I can issue commands
> with no problems, but doing an ls -alrt on a directory gets stuck if a file
> is owned by user that is not a AD user.
> my /etc/nsswitch.conf
> #
> # /etc/nsswitch.dns:
> #
> # An example file that could be copied over to /etc/nsswitch.conf; it uses
> # DNS for hosts lookups, otherwise it does not use any other naming service.
> #
> # "hosts:" and "services:" in this file are used only if the
> # /etc/netconfig file has a "-" for nametoaddr_libs of "inet" transports.
> passwd: files [NOTFOUND=CONTINUE]       winbind [NOTFOUND=return]
> group:  files [NOTFOUND=CONTINUE]       winbind [NOTFOUND=return]
> # You must also set up the /etc/resolv.conf file for DNS name
> # server lookup.  See resolv.conf(4).
> hosts:      files dns
> ipnodes:    files
> # Uncomment the following line and comment out the above to resolve
> # both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses from the ipnodes databases. Note that
> # IPv4 addresses are searched in all of the ipnodes databases before
> # searching the hosts databases. Before turning this option on, consult
> # the Network Administration Guide for more details on using IPv6.
> #ipnodes:   files dns
> networks:   files
> protocols:  files
> rpc:        files
> ethers:     files
> netmasks:   files
> bootparams: files
> publickey:  files
> # At present there isn't a 'files' backend for netgroup;  the system will
> #   figure it out pretty quickly, and won't use netgroups at all.
> netgroup:   files
> automount:  files
> aliases:    files
> services:   files
> sendmailvars:   files
> printers:       user files
> auth_attr:  files
> prof_attr:  files
> project:    files
Can you get the ls to work with numeric uids?  And, I noticed that you 
don't have any entries for shadow... you're not using shadow passwords, 

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