[Samba] Unable to access linux files from windows using samba configured in linux Vmware

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Thu Apr 24 14:55:19 GMT 2008

are you using smbpasswd, tdbsam, or ldapsam for authentication?  in 
linux can you do mount -t cifs "//" /mnt -o 

what sort of errors are you getting in /var/log/samba/log.smbd

gforgcc wrote:
> Hi friends,
> i have a weird problem, i am running a Fedora Linux OS on Vmware installed
> from Windows XP
> i have configured samba inside VMware linux (BRIDGED NETWORKING), but when i
> tried to access the same from the windows it is telling "cannot be
> accessible", i have tried almost all the ways...
> My Windows IP is say and i have taken a free IP from system
> admin for my VMware linux running on windows say its IP is
> and from windows i am trying to access like this
> Go to Start menu -> run and type \\, now it will show the
> list of the samba folders but when i double click on the folder it prompts
> for username and passwd and when i enter the samba username and passwd it
> will popup a message "Cannot be accessed u might now have permissions to
> access this" !! :(
> but i have given all the permissions to that folder chmod 777 /home/user -R
> and also while configuring samba i have given writable and browsable
> permissions , i am using samba version 3.0.21b-2, and i tried stopping
> iptables also but even that yielded same result
> Please help me to solve this problem thanks.. :)

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