[Samba] OT: Vista & NTConfig.POL

Collen Blijenberg collen at hermanjordan.nl
Thu Apr 24 09:40:08 GMT 2008

We've got the same problem here. NT4 policies are not working with vista.

now we need to find a way to use policies that work with vista (and xp 
and w2k)
since the GPMC needs a w2k3 style domain controller to store the 
Register.pol file (yep ntconfig.pol became register.pol)
samba will not do that. (as pdc) dunno if you can fool windows by making 
a SYSVOL share
with the apr. subdirs and store the policies there ?!

in the mean while, you can either push the policies by making register 
files and let vista (xp) import them
with the login script (as you mentioned your self!)
but that is still a dirty way to do it.

second, you could use the Nitrobit group policy package, but that one is 
not free !!!
so still, we need a way to deploy new style policies (adm & admx) with 
samba as the backend.

any tips or suggestions on how and what would be welcome..  (sysvol 
howto or replacement software)

Thx, Collen

Michael Heydon wrote:
> This isn't technically a samba question, but I figure there will be 
> other samba users out there in the same boat.
> I have just setup the first Vista box on our samba domain and I am 
> having some trouble with policies (they don't get applied).
> I have had a look around and there is alot of talk about the adm->admx 
> change, etc but I haven't seen anyone say that anything needs to 
> change in NTConfig.POL. Infact, there has been relatively little 
> mention of NTConfig at all. Does Vista still support NT4 style policies?
> If not, what have others done to work around this? I guess I could 
> push out .reg files through login scripts but I believe that might 
> trigger UAC, any other suggestions?

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