[Samba] Re: using samba as nfs server replacement?

Pakorn Chutinimitkul pakorn at themonkstudio.com
Thu Apr 24 06:39:02 GMT 2008

Hi again,

	I updated Samba on both client and server to 3.0.28a. Client is openSuSE 10.2. Server is Debian Lenny.  I noticed that newly created file's
ownership will be changed to username that is used when mounting CIFS volume (under -o username=xxx,password=xxx) and the permission will be
changed to what specified under samba configuration. Here's my config

        workgroup = WORKGROUP
        server string = Test Samba Server
        passdb backend = tdbsam
        unix password sync = Yes
        syslog = 0
        log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
        max log size = 1000
        load printers = No
        dns proxy = No
        ldap ssl = no

        comment = CIFS Mount
        path = /mnt/disk1
        valid users = @users
        admin users = @root
        write list = @users
        read only = No
        hosts allow =

There's a lot of different users who will log into the workstation, all of them are not superuser, therefore they can't run mount command
and specify their samba username/password. I tried to create a Samba account for each machine, say machine1 and put the username/password in

Now for every file created by users logged into that machine, the ownership is changed to machine1 automatically. Is there any way to solve
this problem? Thank you very much!


Michael Heydon wrote:
> Pakorn Chutinimitkul wrote:
>> Hi,
>> <snip>
>>     1. How to make Samba stores the ownership of the file? Afaik Samba
>> changes ownership of the file to the connected user. Our storage relies
>> on uid/gid a lot.
>>     2. Can Samba obey umask settings? Apart from changing values in
>> create mask ?
> Recent versions of samba will automatically figure out that they are
> talking to a unix client (as long as the client is recent as well) and
> enable the CIFS unix extensions. Permissions, ownership, symlinks, etc
> should "Just Work(tm)".
>>     If anyone could point me to any resource, that would be greatly
>> appreciated.
>> Thank you!
>> Pakorn
> *Michael Heydon - IT Administratorr *
> michaelh at jaswin.com.au <mailto:michaelh at jaswin.com.au>

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