[Samba] using samba as nfs server replacement?

Michael Heydon michaelh at jaswin.com.au
Thu Apr 24 00:02:43 GMT 2008

Pakorn Chutinimitkul wrote:
> Hi,
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> 	1. How to make Samba stores the ownership of the file? Afaik Samba changes ownership of the file to the connected user. Our storage relies
> on uid/gid a lot.
> 	2. Can Samba obey umask settings? Apart from changing values in create mask ?
Recent versions of samba will automatically figure out that they are 
talking to a unix client (as long as the client is recent as well) and 
enable the CIFS unix extensions. Permissions, ownership, symlinks, etc 
should "Just Work(tm)".

> 	If anyone could point me to any resource, that would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you!
> Pakorn

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