[Samba] using samba as nfs server replacement?

Pakorn Chutinimitkul pakorn at themonkstudio.com
Wed Apr 23 07:25:02 GMT 2008


	I have a set of Linux file servers running in the system. Linux machines are hooked up to these server through NFSv3, Windows machines
through Samba. Our Linux pool ran into problem with NFS capacity, it turned out to be either NFS or kernel bugs. Moving to NFSv4 is not a
choice since we have to update too many clients/servers. I was wondering if switching the whole system to Samba-based would solve the
problem? I have some question that I couldn't figure it out.

	1. How to make Samba stores the ownership of the file? Afaik Samba changes ownership of the file to the connected user. Our storage relies
on uid/gid a lot.

	2. Can Samba obey umask settings? Apart from changing values in create mask ?

	If anyone could point me to any resource, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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