[Samba] Windows shortcuts and permissions

Michael Heydon michaelh at jaswin.com.au
Mon Apr 21 23:50:44 GMT 2008

Toni Casueps wrote:
> I have lots of LNK files in a Samba share, which users have been creating for some time. Now we have set different permissions to folders and some of the shortcuts don't work because of that.
> I have read that mount --bind can be used to give access to a forbidden folder to someone, but this can only be done by root and in the command-line.
> Is there a way to accomplish this with a graphical tool or something like that?
mount --bind can be used to mount a directory to another location. I 
guess it might be possible to use it to work around your security 
problems, but it is rather hackish.

If someone needs access to a directory, but can't get it because they 
don't have access to the parent then either they should have access to 
the parent, or the subdirectory is in the wrong place.

In the long run you would be far better of reorganising things so that 
each directory is in the right place and people have the correct 
permissions rather than creating binds all over the place to work around 
a poor file system layout.

-- Michael Heydon

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