[Samba] smbd in hybrid mode

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Apr 21 12:25:21 GMT 2008

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Weiser, Johann wrote:
> There is this really fancy sentence in the smb.conf man page: "It is
> possible to use smbd in a hybrid mode where it is offers both user and
> share level security under different NetBIOS aliases." 
> There are a number of question here in this mailing list around this
> sentence and the answers are usually to use "map to guest" parameter.
> However this parameter does not work e.g. with "SECURITY = server". 
> Therefore I would be really interested in a solution as described with
> this sentence above with different NetBIOS aliases. Does such a solution
> really exist, or should this sentence be removed from the man page?

Configuring Samba virtual servers using netbios aliases or
interface IP specific configurations has been around for
a really long time.  I'd be really surprised if map to guest
doesn't work with security = server but then again, I think
security = server is a really horrid idea anyways.....

cheers, jerry
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