[Samba] smbd in hybrid mode

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Fri Apr 18 05:49:05 GMT 2008

Quoting Weiser, Johann (johann.weiser at siemens.com):
> There is this really fancy sentence in the smb.conf man page: "It is
> possible to use smbd in a hybrid mode where it is offers both user and
> share level security under different NetBIOS aliases." 
> There are a number of question here in this mailing list around this
> sentence and the answers are usually to use "map to guest" parameter.
> However this parameter does not work e.g. with "SECURITY = server". 
> Therefore I would be really interested in a solution as described with
> this sentence above with different NetBIOS aliases. Does such a solution
> really exist, or should this sentence be removed from the man page?

This can be done roughly the following way:


netbios aliases = foo bar
include = /etc/samba/%L.conf



The server will appear twice in the network neighbourhood. When
clients connect to "foo", the server will be in share mode. When
clients connect to "bar", the server will be in user mode.

To my experience (but that was long ago), there may be some drawbacks
as there is still one samba server running and sharing its data files
between the two "personalities".

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