[Samba] Time quota for users in samba PDC

thuan tran thuanraph at gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 04:04:04 GMT 2008

   I have successfully created a samba PDC server with OpenLDAP back end in
my school on ubuntu 7.10 and its corresponding latest samba package 3.0.26a.
We need to distribute time quota for each user, for example 40 hours per 2
weeks. How can I do it with samba? If there's no straight forward way yet,
then are there any pointers to do it efficiently?
   I have seen one project on sourceforge that tries to do it but no result
yet http://sourceforge.net/projects/tempus/. Also is there any way to get
log in time and log time of a user instead of parsing the logging files?
AFAIK sambaLogonTime and sambaLogoffTime in LDAP are useless currently.

Thuan Tran

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