[Samba] Multiple IP addresses

Greg J. Zartman, P.E. greg at leiinc.com
Thu Apr 3 22:32:01 GMT 2008

> I have been trying to connect to Samba over the Internet as I have static IP that is publicly available for connection.  I can use this IP to connect to our Intranet web site but Samba doesn't work correctly when trying to connect to it from outside.  Our internal network addresses work fine.  Even a VPN connection, which gets our internal address scheme works.  But, when trying to use the publicly available IP address to connect to Samba it can't find it.

There are likely a couple things preventing access:

1. Did you open the Samba ports on your firewall?  Most firewalls have 
these ports closed by default.

2. Hosts allow/Hosts deny parameter.  Is this set so that Samba will 
actually respond to the subnet that you are trying to access Samba from?

IMO, opening Samba up to the internet is an inherently bad thing to do 
and something that very rarely really needs to be done.  Instead, you 
should look at an ssh tunnel or an IPSec VPN.

I use IPsec VPN routers to connect my two offices, which are both on 
different subnets and in different Citys.  The routers I used are fairly 
inexpensive, but work wonderfully and are very easy to setup: 


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