[Samba] Very slow execution of programs from a SAMBA share

Stuart Nixon Stuart at NixonWeb.com
Thu Sep 27 05:03:27 GMT 2007

> You could try setting some of the oplock options. I think "fake oplocks = yes" on the
> application share could significantly increase the performance when executing.


Thanks for your response.

The slow share problem turned out to be a Samba/Ubuntu 7.04 problem with some NICs -
symptoms are slow access *unless* several clients are accessing the same
share at the same time (or xfer of large files).  Once you know what to
search for, it turns out to be a very common issue for many people.

Weird, and took a long time to resolve.  I swapped NICs in the end.

I then ran into another problem where Samba refused to be come master
domain server because it thought there was already another, but
non-existant server (which turned out to be Samba, from when the
server was using a different IP address).

Again much searching, to find that deleting /var/libs/samba/wins.dat and
restarting Samba fixed that problem.  Bottom line is that moving Samba
to a new IP causes issues that can only be resolved by deleting wins.dat.

I'm now trying to work out why Samba shares die whenever clients running
DHCP get their IP lease renewed.   Another show-stopper problem. If I
don't solve it today I'll go back to Windows Server 2003.  Which is a shame,
but I can't afford to spend much more time on this.

Samba looks great, and I appreciate the amount of time it must have taken
to decode the CIFS protocols.  But what is a bit worrying is that getting
Samba to run in a pretty standard environment is turning out to be a huge
nightmare, which would not encourage users to switch from Windows servers
to Samba.  The frustrating thing is that many of these problems look to
be common issues that are likely to be common on small Windows networks
wanting to use Samba.



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