[Samba] Samba with NFS

David Harfst David.Harfst at cmsrtp.com
Wed Sep 26 14:14:21 GMT 2007

We're having a problem with a combination of NFS and Samba that I'm hoping someone here has seen before and knows the solution for.

In this case, the Samba server is an NFS client, and the Samba share is actually an NFS mount to an NFS server.

The problem we see is when a Windows client tries to open a file on the Samba share, the application hangs, and eventually comes back saying something to the effect that it couldn't open the file.  Doesn't matter whether the application is notepad, Word, Excel, etc.

Windows client is XP SP 2

Samba server/NFS client - tried a couple of different systems, both show the same symptoms:
  Fedora Core release 5, Samba 3.0.24-7.FC5, nfs-utils-lib-, kernel: 2.6.20-1.2320.fc5
  Fedora Core release 2, Samba 3.0.7-2.FC2, nfs-utils-lib-1.0.6-22, kernel: 2.6.11-7.1smp
NFS Server
  Red Hat Enterprise ES release 4 update 5, nfs-utils-lib-1.0.6-8, kernel: 2.6.9-4.ELsmp

We've been doing this for years using a different NFS server.  We've recently upgrade to new hardware and OS on this NFS server, and this has been a problem ever since.

Any thoughts?

Thanks, in advance.

David Harfst
Senior Systems Engineer - Information Systems
CMS, Inc.   - http://www.cmsrtp.com

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