[Samba] setting Profile Path with pdbedit

Marcus Sobchak <lists at localguru.de> lists at localguru.de
Wed Sep 26 13:52:44 GMT 2007


I'v problems to set the profile path using pdbedit. The profile should
be saved into the %a directory (e.g. WinXP), like set in smb.conf global

  logon path = \\server\profile$\%U\%a

If I set the path like 

  pdbedit myusername -p "\\\server\profile$\myusername"

the profile is not saved in e.g. WinXP subdir if working on a XP Client.

New created users have the correct path, which looks like:

 Profile Path: \\server\profile$\anotherusername\UNKNOWN

"UNKNOWN" seems to be the placeholder for %a. How to I set this by hand?


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