[Samba] wierd permissions issue

Henrik Hudson lists at rhavenn.net
Thu Sep 20 18:20:28 GMT 2007

Hey List-

Okay, I've got a 2003 AD Server which has all the office users setup, groups, 
etc...   I have a FreeBSD apache development box with a couple of shares on 
it for devels to use. This devel box also has proftpd authentication external 
domain users via PAM.

The issue I was having is that the FTP users could login, but they couldn't 
write or create files. The permissions were showing up as:

username  :  BUILTIN\users
files are mostly 664 and directories are all 775

I'm guessing this is relating to the "Domain Users" group. So, I changed the 
group to be 'internalgroup' of which everyone is a member. Now, the FTP users 
have zero issue, but the internal users now can't create new files in those 
directories via the fileshares.

I have double checked that everyone is in the 'internalgroup'. I even tried 
setting the 'Primary Group' option in Windows to be 'internalgroup' and 
having a user reboot and try again. No dice. As soon as I change the group 
owner back to 'BUILTIN\users' everything works fine again for internal users, 
but FTP users are hosed again.

Any thoughts?

Henrik Hudson
lists at rhavenn.net
"God, root, what is difference?" Pitr; UF (http://www.userfriendly.org/)

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