[Samba] wierd permissions issue

Frank Van Damme frank.vandamme at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 18:59:23 GMT 2007

On 9/20/07, Henrik Hudson <lists at rhavenn.net> wrote:
> Hey List-
> Okay, I've got a 2003 AD Server which has all the office users setup, groups,
> etc...   I have a FreeBSD apache development box with a couple of shares on
> it for devels to use. This devel box also has proftpd authentication external
> domain users via PAM.
> The issue I was having is that the FTP users could login, but they couldn't
> write or create files. The permissions were showing up as:
> username  :  BUILTIN\users
> files are mostly 664 and directories are all 775
> I'm guessing this is relating to the "Domain Users" group. So, I changed the
> group to be 'internalgroup' of which everyone is a member. Now, the FTP users
> have zero issue, but the internal users now can't create new files in those
> directories via the fileshares.
> I have double checked that everyone is in the 'internalgroup'. I even tried
> setting the 'Primary Group' option in Windows to be 'internalgroup' and
> having a user reboot and try again. No dice. As soon as I change the group
> owner back to 'BUILTIN\users' everything works fine again for internal users,
> but FTP users are hosed again.
> Any thoughts?

It's possible yith Samba to make shares read-only with
read-only = yes
writeable = no
(which are the same directives but the other way around).

Maybe you have done so by accident or your default configuration comes
with these?

Frank Van Damme

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