[Samba] Help! Looking for the smbmount-nomtab.patch and smbmount-mtab-flags.patch

hch huangchonggnu at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 13:39:48 GMT 2007

I have cross-compiled smbmount(smbmnt, smbclient) using samba-3.0.24.tar.gz,
then ported them to an ARM Arch machine whose /etc directory is read only.
The smbmount command always results in errors """Can't get /etc/mtab~ lock
filesmbmnt failed: 1"""

Someone says that If we rebuild samba with the smbmount-nomtab.patch and
smbmount-mtab-flags.patch, it would work fine using 'smbmount -n' - no mtab
problem anymore.

Does the samba-3.0.24.tar.gz have the patches, where can i find them??


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