[Samba] doc files with attribut r for user

Patrick DUBAU patrick.dubau at alsace.iufm.fr
Mon Sep 17 15:48:17 GMT 2007


i upgraded from Debian sarge to etch, so from samba  3.0.14a-3 to  3.0.24
When someone creates/modify a file   the user attribut is set to r 
(instead of rwx) so the next time a user opens the file is's on read only.

What can i do so that the file keeps the attribut rwx for the owner ?

Another question : the file has the rigthts : -r--rwx--- but although 
the user is member of the group the file opens only in read mode, 
strange no ?

My share :
comment = fichiers service de1-mei
path = /samba/admin/services/de1-mei
writeable = yes
directory mask = 2770
create mask = 0770
valid users = @DE1-MEI
inherit acls = yes
browseable = no

N.B : i noticed that problem for now only with .doc files only 
(MsOfffice 97)

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