[Samba] Questions about the new idmap interface

Marc Muehlfeld Marc.Muehlfeld at medizinische-genetik.de
Sun Sep 16 15:56:03 GMT 2007

simo schrieb:
> Sorry if I already asked about this, do you see the TestGroup from
> PASING if you do a getent PASING\\TestGroup ?

Do you mean a "getent group" from a member of the PASING domain? Yes.

# getent group | grep TestGroup

>From the MUC member server I also see the group trough winbind:

# wbinfo -g | grep -i TestGroup

> If so there seem to be something fishy as from the log it seem to
> recognize this group comes from the trusted domain, but still tries to
> see if it is mapped with Group Mapping, might be a bug, need to drill
> more into it, and unfortunately, right now I don;t have a setup like yours
> to test.

Just tell me what I could do for you to find what could be wrong.


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