[Samba] Step By Step PDC with OpenLDAP?

Martin Collins martin at escapestudios.com
Wed Sep 12 10:12:25 GMT 2007

Hi Joel,

This is a setup I use and anyone looking to start learning about it, just like Adam said the Samba-3 by example is a fantastic starting place and reference book. I have a hard copy here along with what I believe is another essential: LDAP System Administration (O'Reilly). These two books work very well with each other and get you through the process quite nicely. 

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We had a linux guy here working on this in his busy schedule, but ultimately, he was unable to make it work before he left the department.

Is there a good doc that will help someone without much linux experience other than lots of /etc/init.d/servicename restart, using vi to edit the named.zones DNS entries and other similar stuff to configure an existing Samba server as a PDC with OpenLDAP for single sign-on?

This is on OpenSUSE 10.2



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