[Samba] BUILTIN groups mapping via winbind!!

Kaustubh Chaudhari c_kitu at yahoo.co.in
Wed Oct 31 15:50:36 GMT 2007

      Hi all,

    When i create a group in AD and adds users in the same than with
    #getent group i can see the group and its members properly.

    But if i add a user to BUILTIN say BUILTIN Guests group than i dont see
    its members.

    Here i have added kk user to both kktest and BUILTIN+Guests group. But i
    cant see kk associated with BUILTIN Guests.

    I know that BUILTIN groups have pre defined sid by microsoft, and its
    mapping is done separately.(I found this in idmap.c)

    Is this a normal behavior?

    Would appreciate if someone can explain the reasons for this.


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