[Samba] Windows XP truncating last share name?

fabricio bianco abreu fabricio at tc.df.gov.br
Fri Oct 19 21:49:23 GMT 2007

Hi folks,

We have a Samba 3 PDC domain (with  an LDAP  backend)  configured  
pretty  much  as described on "Samba 3 by Example"
for Windows XP clients.

Some XP machines are presenting errors when editing files wich reside on 
a samba shared folder. The user accesses the share and opens de desired 
file. When trying to save it the file name turns blue (that is, windows 
explorer display the file name in blue color and not in black as usual) 
and the user receives an access denied message and is prohibited to save 
the modified file.

Searching samba logs I have found messages like:
 ice1_contas_14 ( couldn't find service ice1_conta

Nevertheless smb.conf has a share named "ice1_contas".

Note that the last character "s" is chopped in the log message.

I believe it is a Window XP bug.

Can anyone give me any hint?

Best Regards,

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