ham, [Samba] getent passwd not listing domain users, nsswitch.conf is configured

Peter Baumgartner sgt.hulka at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 18:47:34 GMT 2007

>  Peter,
>  Comment the "idmap backend" and "winbind nss info" parameters to let
> samba/winbind use the defaults.  If it now works, this means that samba was
> not retrieving the info from the AD server.
>  I ran into this problem, gave up, and used the defaults.  You may be more
> persistent than me and prefer to dig deeper.
>  Also, you will need to set values for "idmap uid" and "idmap gid".  Try
> using the values that you currently have commented out.

Still no luck. Any other thoughts? I've tried running winbind in
interactive mode and didn't get any response from the getent command.
Where can I find log info?


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