[Samba] tdb/tdbutil.c:tdb_chainlock_with_timeout_internal (rev_2)

Francis Galiegue fg at one2team.com
Wed Oct 17 14:42:58 GMT 2007

Le mercredi 17 octobre 2007, Pappas, Bill a écrit :
> I've seen more and more occurrences of the following error (other people
> have different password servers) on the web.
> I submitted this question before, but it was never resolved.  I've even
> tried changing the underlying file system (from clustered vxfs to ext3)
> and I still see the error.
> Error:
> [2007/10/17 08:29:33, 0]
> tdb/tdbutil.c:tdb_chainlock_with_timeout_internal(82)
>   tdb_chainlock_with_timeout_internal: alarm (10) timed out for key
> SJMEMDC15 in tdb /usr/local/samba-3.0.23a/private/secrets.tdb
> I've been seeing this error on and off for well over 1 year.  
> What happens is that many smb clients (as shown on the client log files)
> start throwing this error.  They cannot reach the smb server.  I restart
> the server and everything is fine for days or weeks until it starts over
> again.
> I'm running:
> # /usr/local/samba/sbin/smbd -V
> Version 3.0.23a

What is your smb.conf like? Also, what do you mean by "other people have 
different password servers"? Do you mean people of the same network? If yes, 
are these other password servers also running Samba?

Some more information would be useful for sure :p

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