[Samba] OT: SMB Protocoll issues

Sebastian Ries Sebastian.Ries at dtnet.de
Tue Oct 16 11:57:10 GMT 2007

Hi list

This is not a samba issue but I think some of you should be familar with
the SMB Protocoll.

I have the problem that opening the file-list on a Network share takes
much too long (up to one minute). I dumped the traffic with whireshark
and found some strange thins:

I get a request from the client:
Trans2 Request, FIND_FIRST2, Pattern: \>>>>>>>>">>>

As a response to that I get a list of the files in that folder that ends
up with: (in FIND_FIRST2 Data of the SMB protocoll)
Unknown Data: 000000000000

In an other environement it looks like:
Trans2 Request, FIND_FIRST2, Pattern: \\server\share

and I don't get an Error message in the response.

Does anyone have more detailed informantion where to look at regarding
the timing Problem?

Sebastian Ries

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