[Samba] Profile Location Best Practice

Eric J. Feldhusen efeldhusen.lists at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 17:07:04 GMT 2007

Server Gremlin wrote:
> Eric Feldhusen, you've pretty much convinced me that best practice is
> having profiles stored in one place, and home folders in another.  But
> I'm still curious if you have also experienced these problems even with
> such a configuration.  Either way, I think the merits of such a
> configuration are clear; I just wonder if I can expect even these
> problems to go away, or if I shouldn't get my hopes up quite that much.

At the moment, I'd have to say I'm just "channeling" the advice of the
Samba team and their postings on the email lists roaming profiles, since
their advice is straightforward, it's just the listening part I've had
to work for.

Yes, with the profiles stored under a "Profiles" share, I have problems
with broken profiles, but much less, and of the times I'm working
through my head to remember, I "think" most of those were problems with
the workstation configuration, bad Windows XP install, user assisted us
by installing spyware/virii, wrong network drivers detected and
installed from Windows update, etc...

I've been going back through our RT system and I had forgot we have 4
"types" of samba file/print doing PDC control.  We have RHEL4 servers,
and there's two types of file system's, those with acl and user
attribute and those with no acl or user attributes on.  Then, each of
those groups are split again with profiles in user home and profiles in
profile share.

Looking at our support tickets, our least problems go from the systems
with acl/user attribute and profiles shares to systems with acl/user
attributes and profiles in home directories to systems with no acl/user
attributes and profiles to finally, systems with no acl/user attributes
and no profile shares.

So, to make an executive summary at the end, basically I've done what
has been documented in the official documentation and suggested on the
email lists by Samba team members.

Off-topic, the question on why aren't all our systems quite the same?  I
had to sneak file system acl's, user attribute's and profiles shares
onto a couple of servers, because I was adamant from what I had read on
the samba lists was that separate profile shares, and acl/user attribute
would give us the best ability to support our windows clients.  Not
quite professional to sneak around my co-worker's back, but...


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