[Samba] Setting up common drive w/letter?

Francis Galiegue fg at one2team.com
Thu Oct 4 11:52:16 GMT 2007

Le jeudi 04 octobre 2007, Scott Ehrlich a écrit :
> I want to configure samba to produce a common area (i.e. /home/shared) as 
> an assigned drive letter to all users.   Thus, in addition to users 
> logging into the domain and having an H: drive for their personal account, 
> they will also get an S: drive (for example) for a common area.
> How do I configure this in smb.conf?

This is not in smb.conf per se. You will configure the share in smb.conf and 
setup a logon script with at least the line:

net use S: \\yourserver\theshare /persistent:no

(that's what I use and it works pretty well, but YMMV)

The script must be in the [netlogon] share. Also, it must be DOS formatted 
(use unix2dos if you create the file under Unix). Then, in smb.conf, add:

	logon script = \path\to\yourscript.bat

in the global section where \path\to\yourscript.bat is the relative path of 
your script from the root of the netlogon share (just forget the \path\to\ if 
it's at the root).

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