[Samba] How do I modify registry: Hk user?

Aaron Souza aaronmsouza at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 19:25:16 GMT 2007


Looks like I'm in a predicament. One of our new sites will prompt users (in
IE) to display "mixed content". Which is basically asking if you want to
display some http in a https site.

I have found the solution, (besides having a user go into IE's tools /
privacy / custom settings / enable mix content) - with a registry entry.

However, the registry entry goes to:
Settings\Zones\3\1609: 0x00000001

as in H Key Users \ sid. Since we don't have any windows AD, how could I
push out a registry entry that would identify a user's long string account?

Or, if there is a way to better manage IE settings, that would suffice. I
know what everyone is thinking, but Firefox can't help in this situation--
only IE.

Sorry for the lengthy email.


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