[Samba] help me (log.nmbd is to big)

Kaustubh Chaudhari c_kitu at yahoo.co.in
Thu Nov 29 09:15:35 GMT 2007

Jimmy wrote:
> Hi everyone.
>    I am used slackware version 12, and  kernel version
> My samba server verison 3.0.25b.  
> server running the log.nmbd file recoder the mesage  repeatedly like this.
> 2007/11/29 15:26:01, 0] nmbd/nmbd.c:main(697)
>   Netbios nameserver version 3.0.27a started.
>   Copyright Andrew Tridgell and the Samba Team 1992-2007
> [2007/11/29 15:26:01, 0] /usr/src/samba-3.0.27a/source/lib/pidfile.c:pidfile_create(112)
>   ERROR: nmbd is already running. File /usr/local/samba/var/locks/nmbd.pid exists and process id 5664 is running.
>  the log.nmbdfile increase to 800MB in 8 hours.
> how can i soluteion this problems? thanks.
You have mentioned that your samba version is 3.0.25b and if you see the
errors it talking about 3.0.27a , check at this point, this can helpful
while troubleshooting. Is it that you have a samba rpm installed and
other samba compiled from source in /usr/src/samba-3.0.27a.


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