[Samba] Copy file from Vista to samba share

Elmar Haneke elmar at haneke.de
Thu Nov 29 09:47:41 GMT 2007


my Vista box does hang if I try to copy an File on an Samba share.

- Hanging does happen on both, explorer and CMD. In Explorer it
  shows up to calculate how long it might take. In CMD nothing

- Afterwards Vista refuses to shut down.

- Creating an File on the Share and saving it from within notepad
  does not cause any trouble.

- Limiting protocol to lanman2 seems to help regarding the hangup.
  But it is raising other problems (Long Filenames on Win98 clients,
  Domain Login).

- The problem did occur on two 32Bit Athlon machines. On another
  Machine equipped with Athlon 64 (running 64 Bit Linux) the
  hanging seems not to reproduce. With identical smb.conf hanging
  does reproduce on 32Bit host.

- I'm using Debian Linux (Lenny / SID) with Samba 3.0.26a/3.0.27a.
  I did move to 3.1-pre1 and 4.0-alpha1 but both did not help

- I did run with several 32Bit Linux-Kernels:
	2.6.22-3-k7 (binary from Debian)
	2.6.14 (from source) (from source)

What can be done ho resolve this problem?


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