[Samba] Re: Big problems with 3.0.24-6etch6 Debian packages

Marco De Vitis starless at spin.it
Tue Nov 27 18:37:56 GMT 2007

Il 27/11/2007 18:25, Christian Perrier ha scritto:

> and can't currently work on them. So you're quite likely to need
> waiting some time before this is fixed. In the meantim, you should
> revert back to -etch5

Thanks, no problem, I can wait. Luckily I could fix it immediately by 
reverting to the previous packages I still had in cache.

>> And... is there anyone officially working on more up-to-date Samba packages 
>> for Debian Etch? Or will we have to live with 3.0.24 until the next Debian 
>> stable upgrade? 
> This is not new in Debian. You will never get a new upstream version
> update for the stable distribution. Updates only include security
> fixes.

Well, I know, but it wasn't like this for Samba on Sarge, when Simo 
Sorce promptly built upstream packages... but when Etch arrived I 
remember someone else was to take his role, can't remember who now.

> You might want to get packages built by the Samba team if you want to
> keep your samba server with the bleeding edge samba.

Uhm... how?
I can only get here from samba.org:
...but I don't even know which Debian version are these for.


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