[Samba] Dealing with DLL name overlap in Win32 printer drivers under SAMBA

Max Fretter max.fretter at tait.co.nz
Thu Nov 22 22:34:17 GMT 2007

Hi - samba-list newbie here.

Trying to setup SAMBA print sharing (over CUPS as the print layer) with 
**native** Windows print drivers being made available to the connecting 
workstations... We've already tried the Postscript/PPD approach, but 
with the multifunction/mopier machines we've got here, native is 
definitely best to get all the options/interlocks shown.

Problem is that the driver files are only ever put into the 
\\server\print$\W32X86\n\ directory (which varies by server type etc, I 
realise this)... so Win32 driver "kits" from the manufacturers can 
overlap if the same DLL occurs with the same name, but possibly 
different versions between drivers (with the driver versions being 
driven by the printer firmware/models). Is there a way to get separation 
by printer share name under this root directory so I can safely load up 
different versions of driver from the same manufacturer? I'm already 
considering changes to nt_printing to add subdirectories, but is this 
already solved somewhere out there? If we did do this mod, would it be 
worth putting back into the codestream anyway?

PS - already checked in the mail list archives, couldn't see anything 
really related to this so far..

Thanks for any help.

Max Fretter
Tait Electronics Ltd
Christchurch, New Zealand

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