[Samba] Solaris 9 Winbind "ls -l" hangs - group mapping

Bai, Junmin junmin.bai at dha.gov.au
Thu Nov 22 23:22:05 GMT 2007

I removed winbind from group entry in /etc/nsswitch.conf, otherwise ssh
session would timeout and lost connection. In this way, Samba still
works. Samba still can use domain groups and domain users to grant
access. Only 'getent group domain_group" doesn't work.


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Subject: [Samba] Solaris 9 Winbind "ls -l" hangs - group mapping

OS Solaris 5.9 (9) Generic_122300-13 (clean build)

nscd daemon has been disabled and is not running



Samba Version 3.0.26a

Complied using the following options --with-acl-support -with-winbind


smbd, nmbd & winbind daemons are all started



      workgroup = MTCB2

      security = domain


      log level = 3

      log file = /usr/local/samba/var/samba.log.%U

      max log size = 20000

      ldap ssl = no


      wins server =

      dns proxy = yes

      name resolve order = wins bcast host


      idmap uid = 10000-20000

      idmap gid = 1000-2000


      winbind enum users = yes

      winbind enum groups = yes

      template homedir = /usr/people/winnt/%D/%U

      template shell = /bin/csh



      comment = Data

      path = /data

      valid users = @"MTCB2\domain users"

      browseable = yes

      available = yes

      read only = No


Requirement: Use winbind to authenticate XP clients.


Domain Windows 2003 (Domain functional level 2000 native)



passwd: files winbind

group: files winbind


I have complied configured and installed Samba on a test network. I have
joined the samba server as a domain member on to the Windows 2003 domain
and I can list all the users and groups in the domain using  wbinfo -u
and groups using wbinfo -g. I can also list all the users using "getent
passwd" but when I run the command "getent group" I only get one of the
domain groups returned.


I can logon to an XP client access the shares on the Samba server and
create files, folders etc. I can list these file on the UNIX server
using "ls" but if I try and use "ls -l" the command just hangs. Also
"smbstatus" hands if there are any files open.


If I remove the winbind from the group entry in the nsswitch.conf file
then I can list the contents of the folders, obviously the group names
do not appear but the domain usernames do. I can then also get a from
"smbstatus" again all group name a shown as there mapped ID


Authentication is very quick, there just seems to be a problem with
group mapping.



I followed the instructions on this web page to install and configure.





Other tests carried out


smbclient -L hostname

nmblookup -B ip_addr __SAMBA__

nmblookup -N ip_addre "*"

nmlookup -M DOMAIN


The gid range does not clash with existing groups and I cannot see any
errors in the log files.


All give normal output.


Any ideas?


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