[Samba] winbind caused "ls -l" hang on solaris 8

samba at piven.org samba at piven.org
Tue Nov 20 12:51:58 GMT 2007

Bai, Junmin wrote:
> The problem is the entry "passwd: files winbind" in /etc/nsswitch.conf
> caused "ls -l" and Samba hang.
> If winbind is removed from nsswitch.conf, "ls -l" worked fine but Samba
> lost the ability to authenticate 
> users against ADS.
> Does anyone know how to build Samba with ADS support on Solaris 8
> without causing "ls -l" hang?

Do you have a working LDAP client configuration?  Winbind *needs* a 
working LDAP configuration in order to contact the AD server; absent 
that, you'll get 60-90-second delays while the LDAP queries timeout. 
(The timeouts happen with anything that queries the passwd/group 
database, not just ls.  You just notice it with ls -l because ls has to 
query both passwd and group to map uid/gid to names.)

Take winbind out of your nsswitch.conf so you can use your system, get 
LDAP queries working to where you can fetch user information from your 
AD server, then reconfigure Winbind and put it back in.


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