[Samba] winbind caused "ls -l" hang on solaris 8

Bai, Junmin junmin.bai at dha.gov.au
Tue Nov 20 05:04:45 GMT 2007

Hi Guys

I compiled Samba 3.0.26a --with-ads and --with-winbind with krb5-1.6.2
and openldap-2.3.38 using 
gcc version 3.4.6 on Solaris 8.

and added winbind in passwd entry in /etc/nsswitch.conf 
passwd: files winbind

The problem is the entry "passwd: files winbind" in /etc/nsswitch.conf
caused "ls -l" and Samba hang.
If winbind is removed from nsswitch.conf, "ls -l" worked fine but Samba
lost the ability to authenticate 
users against ADS.

Does anyone know how to build Samba with ADS support on Solaris 8
without causing "ls -l" hang?



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