[Samba] Samba+LDAP problems

Marcelo Mogrovejo marcejef at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 08:42:20 GMT 2007

Hello Edmundo

Edmundo Valle Neto wrote:
> Marcelo Mogrovejo escreveu:
>> (...)
>>> Have you configured NSS? "gentent passwd" shows the user?
>> NSS is the same of /etc/nsswitch.conf ??
> Yes, its the configuration file of NSS, it says from which base the 
> information are readed, when using LDAP it needs to read from LDAP too.
So, yes, i have configured this file already:
passwd: compat ldap
shadow: compat ldap
group:   compat ldap

I have downloaded the libnss-ldap file too but it's the same...

I can't make it to work...

If i try to create a posixAccount in phpLDAPadmin it show me the error:
"Could not add the object to the LDAP server.

LDAP said: Object class violation
Description: You tried to perform an operation that would cause an 
undefined attribute to exist or that would remove a required attribute, 
given the current list of ObjectClasses. This can also occur if you do 
not specify a structural objectClass when creating an entry, or if you 
specify more than one structural objectClass."

And the rare is, when i create the account with smbldap-useradd -m 
testuser it create the home directory at /home/testuser but i don't know 
why it doesn't create a uid....

thanks for your help

best regards.

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