[Samba] Roaming profiles on demand?

Rune Tønnesen rune at tonnesen.org
Tue May 29 21:33:59 GMT 2007

Salatiel Filho skrev:
> On 5/29/07, *Rune Tønnesen* <rune at tonnesen.org
> <mailto:rune at tonnesen.org>> wrote:
>     Dear Andres
>     Andreas Paulick skrev:
>     > Hello Samba-world,
>     >
>     > We are planning to upgrade our network incl. clients and server. So
>     > there are then exclusive Win XPSP2-Systems and one single Samba-3
>     > Server on Linux.
>     > In the past,ocassionly there are network issues (dying switch,
>     broken
>     > cable, uncooperative NICs, you all know the list :) ) so there are
>     > some chances to FU a roaming profile, if used.Usual, we dont
>     need them
>     > because any user has his own PC. More: if I give them roaming
>     > profiles, the uers complain about the long start time, because they
>     > dont want to delete one single holliday picture in BMP-style for
>     the
>     > desktop background, and because of the long shutdown time, they
>     simply
>     > switch off their machines,... (you know this type of users). :(
>     This kind of Users are known to exist ;-)
>     The easiests way to cut login time to something users can cope
>     with, is
>     to redirect the documents folder, this can be done by applying a
>     registryfile from the login script. I can post my litle trick if you
>     want it.
> Please Rune , post your trick :)

I tried to attach the files, but recieved and error about illegal
attachment from a gmail.com server, so I've put them on a website.

Here is 3 links:

The sample logon file

The registry extracts

You should be able edit the files, using a simple editor like vim or
notepad from windows, to suit your needs.

Another way to get to the same results is here (this is written from my

Prerequisite: working samba server as domain controller and roaming
profiles enabled.

1. Initial changes
We use the possibility to change which folder "My Documents" points to.

1.1 From a windows workstation login in as a ordinary samba user. Change
where the "My Documents" folder points by right clicking and choose
where, you want your users to save their documents, this must a location
that is the same for every user i.e. \\servername\homes\Documents or
i.e. p:\Documents Click OK

1.2 Now we check it works
Save something in the "My Documents" folder. On the Samba server check
that files are created in the users folder. i.e. use a ssh client to
check this

1.2.1 logout and login again

1.2.2 Check that "My Documents" still points to the right place, by
right clicking on it.

2. Export the registry settings

2.1 open the registry editor
Start -> Run type regedit

2.1.1 User Shell Folders
Shell Folders
File -> Export the registry key, so you get the contents of
Shell Folders], to a file i.e. userhellfolder.reg

2.1.2 Shell Folders
File -> Export the registry key, so you get the contents of
Folders], to a file i.e. shellfolder.reg

2.1.3 Check the files
Open the files using a editor i.e. notepad and check the contents,
remove anything unnecessary

One of them will contain data in hex ignore it or remove it, I usually
ignore the hex, We primarily wants a working system, beauty comes seconf.

3. Applying this to all users

3.1 Copy the files to your netlogon share, It can be a good idea to give
root write access to your [netlogon] share, that would this easier.

3.2 check that ordinary users have read access to the files.
correct this with chmod +r *.reg

3.3 edit your logon file.

add this
regedit /s \\server\netlogon\userfolder.reg
regedit /s \\server\netlogon\usershellfolder.reg

regedit /s silently applies a registry files to the registry, since we
only apply to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER section (the current user login) we
will not have problems with access rights.

4 check it works before you celebrate.

4.1 Login from a useraccount different from the one used under 1 and 2.

4.2 Check "My Documents" by right clicking and what directory that "My
Documents" points to.

4.3 Celebrate just a litlle bit

4.4 Move your users documents

You have to move all your users Documentfolders out of their profiles to
a separate directory i.e. Documents in their homefolder.
This can be done from a preexec script or by hand, anything under 50
users I would suggest you do it by hand to keep things simple.

When you move your users Documents, then please make sure the folders
have the right owner afterwards. This can be done from a root preexec script

Please give some feedback

sorry about typos, english is not my motherthoung

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