[Samba] (no subject)

Flip Johnson traebon at hotmail.com
Tue May 29 13:03:56 GMT 2007

We are running Version 3.0.23a-1.fc4.1 on three similar systems, all were NT4 domain members and we'd like to migrate to Active Directory. The AD join and kinit seem to work fine. So do all the other normal commands (wbinfo, getent, etc). However, we are unable to add a group to the smb.conf. It doesn't ever appear to get recognized. We can share to individual users just fine. 
As I said, getent group works fine and returns the active directory groups and the correct members. We can change the group membership with chgrp to a domain group but the group members cannot access the share unless they are explicity called out in the smb.conf. 
We've scoured the newsgroups and web and are coming up empty. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
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