[Samba] WinXP Can't Browse Samba Shares

Kyle Smith galileo81580 at gmail.com
Sun May 13 02:23:50 GMT 2007

Warning: Linux Novice Ahead

Almost a year ago, I tried setting up a Fedora based file server at home but
when it didn't work and life took over, I gave up. I'm taking another stab
at it and running into the same problems I had before.

I just installed Ubuntu yesterday and I'm trying to set up my Samba shares.
Here's what works and what doesn't:

Linux sees, reads, writes all WinXP shares from both computers on my
Linux sees, reads, writes it's own shares through the smbclient.
WinXP sees Ubuntu in the workgroup.

*Does NOT work:*
WinXP cannot access or even view a list of Linux shares.
Login via WinXP "Connect to Linux" dialog rejected for all permutations of
upper and lower case characters for the users and passwords that I just
created on the linux box.

I've just got a small home network. Two(ish) windows computers, a wireless
access point, and my linux box. I'm trying to use the linux machine for
extra storage as all the windows hard drives are full and this thing is
otherwise just sitting around. I also like to play on it.

Since there are three of us, I want each to have their own private space, as
well as commonly accessible folders for media files. The windows usernames
are set up as full names in the form "First Last", where as the linux
usernames are just "first". I can change the linux names in anyway that's
convenient, but not the windows names at this point.

I don't want to use the samba server as a domain controller or a wins
controller or anything fancy. This machine isn't on 24/7. I just want it to
host some directories and restrict access to them.

This seems to me like a fairly straightforward application of a wide-spread
application. What's the deal?  I'm sure what I'm missing is obvious. Someone
please point it out to me.

My (mostly generated) smb.conf file is attached, for what it's worth.

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