[Samba] Offline logon from Winxp/2000 Client doesn't work

Christoph Lutz genie at genie.dyndns.org
Sat May 5 16:54:46 GMT 2007

Neil Jolly schrieb:
> Run the command pdbedit -Lv username for each of the users in question, 
> and verify the the domain listerd for the username is correct. I've seen 
> this occur when the users are created under one domain name, and then 
> the domain name (in the smb.conf) is changed afterward. If that's the 
> case change the users domain using pdbedit --domain=newdomainnamehere 
> username
I've seen that I had not checked/corrected that, 30 minutes after my 
post and now it works as expected. A misconfigured item was still there 
from my first attempt a few days ago. The domainname for my User was the 
server NETBIOS name. A testuser, pdbedit and open eyes solved the 
problem. Anyway, thanks for the quick answer.

> Neil Jolly
Christoph Lutz

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