[Samba] Offline logon from Winxp/2000 Client doesn't work

Neil Jolly neil at jollycom.ca
Sat May 5 16:22:39 GMT 2007

On 5-May-07, at 7:47 AM, Christoph Lutz wrote:

> Hello,
> I've installed samba 3.0.24 recently and since then I cannot login  
> on my Windowsclients if they are disconnected. If I have a  
> connection everything is fine. I'm at a loss what else to do. The  
> only hints for offline logons I've found all refer to the use of  
> samba with ADS. I have only one samba server in my network(no  
> winbind). The clients are unchanged to my prior installation which  
> worked just fine for serveral years. I'm gratefull for any hint.  
> I'm using Debian/Testing with kernel 2.6.18-4
Run the command pdbedit -Lv username for each of the users in  
question, and verify the the domain listerd for the username is  
correct. I've seen this occur when the users are created under one  
domain name, and then the domain name (in the smb.conf) is changed  
afterward. If that's the case change the users domain using pdbedit -- 
domain=newdomainnamehere username

> My smb.conf

Neil Jolly

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