[Samba] Successful migration NT4->SAMBA3 domain, anyone?

Davide Cervella d.cervella at bielle.it
Fri May 25 10:57:00 GMT 2007

Saulius G wrote:
> I tried to find more information on this topic. What I found made me
> to think that such clean migration (when there are windows xp domain
> members) is not possible, after migration all
> windows xp members will have to be rejoined manually. Is it true?
I migrate an NT4 domain a few week ago without problems.
But it was a small domain and the passdb backend was tdb, not ldap.

However, following the samba howto, I found one step missing in chapter 
36, procedure 36.1: maybe your domain  SID doesn't match the NT4's one.

Before "net rpc vampire", try to fetch the domain SID with "net rpc 
getsid", and then vampire users.

Just my 2 cents... :-)

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