[Samba] Successful migration NT4->SAMBA3 domain, anyone?

Saulius G s4uliu5 at gmail.com
Fri May 25 09:30:30 GMT 2007

   I have simple question. Has anyone succeeded to migrate NT4 domain
with windows XP accounts to SAMBA3+LDAP domain?

 Our organization is very interested in doing this. We performed a
test migration, users' accounts
migrated without problems, but windows xp workstations can't login.

 I tried to find more information on this topic. What I found made me
to think that such clean migration (when there are windows xp domain
members) is not possible, after migration all
windows xp members will have to be rejoined manually. Is it true?

 I'll be very grateful if anybody could help me with this.


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