[Samba] Office 2007 Saves Files to Samba Share as read-only?

deann corum decorum at duke.edu
Thu May 17 21:45:07 GMT 2007

Excuse me if this has already been addressed but this is quite a busy list and I 
didn't readily see it previously discussed.

We have users moving to Office 2007 and when they save files to our Samba network 
shares they are getting "access denied: contact your administrator" and the file 
becomes read-only on the share. The status on the file server using smbstatus 
shows "DENY_WRITE".

We're running Samba 3.0.22 (yes, old, I know) on CentOS3 and CentOS4 servers. 
Clients are WinXP.

I've Googled this issue and tried the things a couple people said were "fixes" for 
this, namely setting 'nt acls = no' and/or setting 'profile acls = no'. We are 
however, using roaming profiles and I thought I caught that 'profile acls = yes' 
was needed for that. Please correct if I'm wrong about that.

Has anyone else out there run into this and if so, how did you remedy the problem? 
  I'm not keen on updating to Samba 3.0.25x at the moment if I can avoid it - just 
too much else going on.

Deann Corum
System Administrator
Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences

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