[Samba] Chinese lanuage problem

DR. Lee - NS1 kflee at itnc.com
Wed May 16 04:02:05 GMT 2007


I just install the Samba on RH Linux and it works as expected. Wonderful
idea and nice piece of work.

(1) Open a PC window and Samba window and drag the file to the Linux 

    This works and it will display filename of simplied Chinese (GB2312)
and Taiwan Chinese (Big5) ok.

(2) Under DOS envioroment, both fileanmes displayed correctly.

(3) Next I use ftp under cmd command of the window and transfer the file
to Linux :

                 (a) export LANG=zh_CN.GB2312  

		the TW filename displayed a lot gibberish
                        the CN filename displayed ok
                 (b) export LANG=zh_TW.BIG5 or LANG=en_GB.ISO-8859.1

                       the TW filename displayed almost right but not
                       the CN filename displayed ok

 (4) Next, I see these files under Samba

                       All filename can not be displayed correctly.

Do I have to set something in Samba to see the filename correctly? Any
help appreciated.

Kfl. HK.

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