[Samba] Newbie User Migration Question

Mike Rushton mrushton at epix.net
Wed May 9 01:29:46 GMT 2007

OK,  As I plan and plot this migration .  This is what I think I wanna 
try to do.   What do you thing of this -  

Our old NT server, has a Domain called Engineering.   We were not 
retiring users, because in NT, if you retire a user you can never use it 
again.  So when we retired  jones for Susie Jones, when Tom Jones  was 
hired we could not use jones as a user again.  So we had to make  user 
like tjones or jonest or jones1. 

When someone would leave we would just disable the account. 

We really never got into the roaming profiles or groups for that 
matter.  I see that there are migration tools, but if we have 50 users 
that must authenticate, that is a high estimate.

What I want to do is get the Linux/Samba box running, and maybe make a 
new domain, lets say Corporate.  Because the users are all screwed up 
and I don't want to import all of them, I guess I could create them on 
this new machine. 

 From what I read, I would have to add the user to unix, add the user to 
Samba, and if the machine is Win2k or XP,  add the machine to the 
domain.   Then I would move everyone over to this new domain.  

The old NT PDC has DHCP on it, excluding likethe first 75 ip's for the 
servers.  I would have to set up DHCP the same way on the new server and 
disable it on the old one. 

Does this sound logical ??? 

We have a real, fussy application running on the old server, that I 
really can not change, nor change the client on the workstations - all 
of the stuff is written into the registry - we don't have support so I 
want to leave it on the old server until we can convert. 

We just may be able to pull this off.    I never liked Microsoft's 
support.    We may be better off on Linux or Unix. 

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