[Samba] Newbie Question - can users create directory on thier own from Win Client ???

Mike Rushton mrushton at epix.net
Tue May 8 02:29:43 GMT 2007

First some background -

We got an old, tired PII, 233 server running NT 4.0

We have a Compaq Proliant that is a quad 550 Xeon CPU, 4 GB, 320 GB of 
HD, a tape drive etc.   It formerly was an Oracle Server that had SCO 
UnixWare 7 on it.  Currently it is having a problem - bad controller 
card, but we intend to get it fixed.  (Not sure if UnixWare comes with 
Samba or what version to use, but we also can get out hands on Red Hat 
Enterprise Linux)    

The Idea is to put some sort of Unix / Linux on it and Samba, and 
replace the NT 4.0 machine.

Although we have some work ahead of us, I was wondering, if you set up a 
shared directory on a machine, can user create a directory in it on 
their own from a client Windows machine ????

If it is not easy for the users to work with, they will not like it. ... 

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